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Passenger Transport

MS Årøy

MS Årøy is a 33m top modern aluminum passenger and freight catamaran with a service speed of 25 knots. The vessel takes 70 passengers in the salon, and 10-12 cars or a semi-trailer on deck and is powered with 2 x mtu 8V 2000 M72. Each engine with a rated power of 720kW. MS Åraøy operates in the Altafjord in Finnmark, Norway.
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Engines & Systems

SYSTEM mtu Mechanical Propulsion
RATED POWER 2 x 720 kW
AUTOMATION mtu BlueVision engine and bridge monitoring
ENGINE TYPE 2 x mtu 8V 2000 M72

Owners & meta

YARD Oma Baatbyggeri AS
OWNER Boreal Transport Nord AS

Rated for fast moving-vessels with high load factors offering low fuel consumption