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Gåsø Viking

Gåsø Viking is 78 meters long well boat powered with 4 mtu 12V 4000 P83 engines, each with an output of 1.455 kW. The vessel has state-of-the-art fish handling equipment with closed technology and will operate for Lerøy Seafoods AS. With focus on environmentally friendly solutions and design is the hull design optimized for high speed which, together with an efficient diesel-electric propulsion system, rotary propellers combined with frequency control, that will provide favorable operating economy. The vessel is prepared to meet future environmental requirements for NOx and CO2 emissions.
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Engines & Systems

SYSTEM Marine Genset engine
RATED POWER 4 x 1445 kW
ENGINE TYPE 4 x mtu 12V 4000 P83

Owners & meta

YARD Sefine Shipyard
OWNER Frøy Sjøtransport AS