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Sustainable Solutions - BESS - Battery Energy Storage System


Battery Energy Storage System

Sustain your electrical grid reserves and address challenges posed by shifts in electricity production and regulatory changes. Discover sustainable solutions, crucial for the stability of the power system, that provide rapid response times, cost-effectiveness, and adaptability.

The Transition

From Fossil Fuels To Renewables

The BESS Sustainability Solution: Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) solutions emerge as a pivotal force in sustaining the electrical grid's reserves, particularly within the Frequency Containment Reserves market.

Actively championing the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, BESS solutions are at the forefront of advancing sustainable energy practices.

Sustainability Matters

Critical to ensuring the stability and efficiency of the electricity system, BESS solutions gain prominence amid the rising share of renewable and decentralized energy production in the Nordics. The growing pressure on reserve markets aligns with the vital role of BESS solutions in meeting reserve needs, thereby upholding system efficiency and sustainability.

Addressing Sustainability Challenges

BESS solutions can help you confront key challenges, including the escalating demand for reserves triggered by shifts in electricity production, regulatory changes, and the integration of Nordic and European electricity markets.

The solution enables you to respond swiftly and precisely to frequency changes, resulting from decentralized electricity production influenced by weather conditions.

Sustainable Solutions - BESS - Battery Energy Storage System
Operational Speed, Cost-effectiveness and Adaptability

What To Expect

The essence of what you can gain with BESS lies in its operational speed, cost-effectiveness over its lifetime, and adaptability in delivering diverse reserves – from Frequency Containment Reserves to manual and automatic Frequency Restoration reserves. These sustainable solutions significantly enhance the stability of power systems whilst providing you with a green alternative to traditional reserve technologies.
BESS Maximise energy utilization BOS Power
Maximize energy utilization
BESS Reduced operational costs BOS Power
Reduced operational costs
BESS Minimized invironmental impact BOS Power
Minimized environmental impact
BESS Enhanced power grid and energy system reliability BOS Power
Enhanced power grid and energy system reliability
Manage Frequency Changes

Bolster Reliability

Excess energy is stored during periods of surplus supply and then released during high-demand intervals, actively contributing to grid stability.

The rapid response times and precision in managing frequency changes not only bolster the overall reliability of the power grid but also empower you with adaptability to varying reserve needs.

Their ability to complement existing sustainable technologies, such as Nordic hydro power and the increased installation of wind power, positions BESS solutions as crucial players in sustainable balancing markets.

The ongoing developments in battery technology, coupled with increased capacities and declining prices, solidify BESS solutions as integral components of your future energy systems, aligning seamlessly with the global shift towards responsible and sustainable energy practices.


Battery Energy Storage System | BESS | BOS Power

Meeting Rising Demands

Traditional methods and technologies pose challenges concerning sustainability, grid stability, and resource utilization, and may not meet your needs in this time of transition towards renewable energy sources.

Commonly used options, including conventional frequency containment reserves and manual frequency restoration reserves, present limitations in operational speed, cost-effectiveness, and adaptability.

These alternatives might not effectively address the rising demand for reserves brought about by changes in electricity production patterns, evolving regulations, and the integration of Nordic and European electricity markets.

Our Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) solutions represent a shift towards sustainable energy practices. You can maximize energy utilization, reduce operational costs, minimize environmental impact and enhance power grid reliability.

By storing excess energy during surplus periods and releasing it during high-demand intervals, they strengthen the reliability of your power grid and complement current sustainable technologies like Nordic hydro power and the increased installation of wind power.


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Since 1969, we have been the Norwegian distributor and service partner for mtu/Rolls Royce Power Systems (RRPS), a leading global engine manufacturer of large diesel engines and marine propulsion systems.

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We are the sole authorised distributor and service partner for mtu/RRPS products and solutions in the Nordic region. This includes Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. 

As mtu/RRPS distributor and service partner we provide a wide range of products, solutions and services: 

  • mtu Original Spare Parts
  • mtu Marine Engines and Generator sets
  • mtu Emergency and Standby generators
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  • mtu Sustainable energy storage solutions

Your benefits

  • Guarantee for genuine replacement parts designed, tested and approved specifically for mtu/RRPS engines and solutions
  • Our certified service engineers and technicians are specially trained and experienced in a wide range of mtu/RRPS engine products and solutions, thereby enabling them to swiftly diagnose and repair your engine or equipment 24/7/365 anywhere in the Nordic region
  • In our Bergen training centre, certified instructors provide standard courses in mtu engines and automation systems for customers as well as in-depth courses for authorised service partners


Throughout the creation process and the entire lifecycle, you can count on us to take responsibility for your complete emergency power solution. Your technical needs and requirements are the starting point for the solution we create. Our goal is to ensure your system runs smoothly and delivers maximum value over time. Would you like to know more about BESS solutions? Connect with our sales & product experts today.
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